Heeled Hottie’s Bad Slave Takes the Piss

high heel6 Heeled Hotties Bad Slave Takes the Piss

Now here’s some raunchy high heel porno that just might do it for you if you’re into water sports. This babe’s got a deadly looking set of spikes on her feet, and she’s also got a hard-on for her slave, who’s been far too naughty of late. She’s got a mind to teach him a lesson he won’t forget. With her girlfriend urging her on, she plants those deadly looking four-inchers on either side of his head, clearly visible in his periphery as a reminder of what could happen if he doesn’t take his punishment. Then she squats her naked nether parts over his face and lets her piss fly! There’s no drip dry for this babe, either; once she’s had her leak, she makes her slave lick her privates clean!

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High Heel Fetish Girls Collar Their Man

high heel1 High Heel Fetish Girls Collar Their Man

Two seriously hot babes in seriously hot heels are out trolling for a man for a little boot and booty fun, and once they snag their unsuspecting victim, it’s off to their private playhouse for a femdom surprise. He might have thought he was going to get these gorgeous heeled dolls naked, but it’s him that’s on his hands and knees, bare as a baby and paying homage to those sexy spikes. He’s looking mighty subservient in that collar and leash as the two femme fatales use their deadly heels to force him into licking their boots in this pussy melting, cock stirring high heel worship threesome.

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Those Heels Were Made for Walking

high heel2 Those Heels Were Made for Walking

This guy’s got a real high heel fetish, especially when those heels are adorning the feet of two luscious ladies like these, and he’ll let them do anything to him if it means feeling those stilettos on his bare skin. That suits these girls just fine, since they’ve got their own kinks they want to indulge. They torture their slave boy unmercifully, choking him with cord and smothering him with plastic before they let him feel the full weight of their hot, heeled bodies on his naked chest. They trample him with glee, their pussies getting wetter and his cock getting harder as the spiky sandals and boots do a number on his prone form.

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Cock Walkers Demand High Heel Worship

high heel3 Cock Walkers Demand High Heel Worship

What do you get when you put a whip, a collar and some witchy looking heels together in a private room? You get some of the most sizzling high heel porno you’ve ever seen, that’s what! These nasty girls have their man right where they want him—naked on the floor with his ass bared to their sadistic pleasures. They tease him, they taunt him, and they make him worship at their feet before flogging his bare back and buttocks with their stinging whips. And once they have his disobedient ass flayed raw, they lay him down like a carpet, prancing about on his torso with those wicked high heels. They even walk on his cock! Take a look!

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Subservient Dog Licks His Mistress’ Heels

high heel4 Subservient Dog Licks His Mistress Heels

Wearing nothing but a rope around his neck, this man undergoes some rough humiliation at the hands of his mistresses. They force him to his knees, pulling on their slave’s makeshift leash and hauling him to and fro like a disobedient dog. These bitchy blondes want their high heels tongue polished, and their subservient little puppy performs the service while they enjoy their afternoon aperitif. There’s nothing like white wine with your high heel worship, and if their pet is a good boy, maybe they’ll pour some in his dish to help wash down the grit! But not until he licks those shoes and those toes all shiny clean!

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Willing Slave Makes a Human Dance Floor

high heel10 Willing Slave Makes a Human Dance Floor

They use him as an ashtray, they use him as a foot rest, but it’s when these heartless harlots get the urge to dance that the high heel porno action really heats up! They lay their masochistic man-slave at their feet, spreadeagled on his stomach, strap on their hot red heels and proceed to trip the light fantastic all over his bare back! His face twists in agony as the spiked beauties tread him into the parquet, but you know he’s loving every minute of it, because he lives to do their biding, and the cruel way they use him only serves to make his cock hard! Does it make your cock hard? Take a closer look and find out!

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