Willing Slave Makes a Human Dance Floor

high heel10 Willing Slave Makes a Human Dance Floor

They use him as an ashtray, they use him as a foot rest, but it’s when these heartless harlots get the urge to dance that the high heel porno action really heats up! They lay their masochistic man-slave at their feet, spreadeagled on his stomach, strap on their hot red heels and proceed to trip the light fantastic all over his bare back! His face twists in agony as the spiked beauties tread him into the parquet, but you know he’s loving every minute of it, because he lives to do their biding, and the cruel way they use him only serves to make his cock hard! Does it make your cock hard? Take a closer look and find out!

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Fetish for High Heels is Popular

Many people may not even realize that they have a high heel fetish. For example, men may be turned on by a woman’s long slender legs in her high heels. He may even get turned on by seeing the high heels themselves while not really focusing on the girl’s legs or feet. A man may also feel like he should be submissive toward a woman who has high heels, which basically means he is turned on by the thought of being dominated or controlled by a hot girl in high heels. All of these scenarios are a good indicator that a guy has a high heel fetish.

On the other hand, women can actually have a high heel fetish, too! Women more often than not fail to realize that their high heel fetish can begin just by the way they become addicted to wearing high heels, trying them on in stores, buying high heels and much more. They may also have the desire to turn men on by using their high heels as a sort of sexual weapon. Even more, women who constantly surf the internet for high heels and shop shoe stores online can even have a fetish for what many people like to call high heel porn.

Fashion designers who design high heels actually keep some of this in mind, to a point. They want women to be attracted to their shoes so they buy them. They want men to be turned on by the shoes so women want to buy them. The end result is that the shoe designers are making money, the women are happy with their new high heels, and men can gawk over the, get turned on by them, and even be dominated by them by sexy mistresses who wear high heels.

High Heel Porno at It’s Nasty, Gooey Best

high heel9 High Heel Porno at Its Nasty, Gooey Best

Some servants never learn and have to be kept in their place the hard way. So it is for this unfortunate, who is forced to clean the dropped cake off the kitchen floor…with his tongue! And as if that isn’t enough humiliation, his mistress makes him crawl on hands and knees to clean her expensive high heels free of the disgusting mess! He takes the abuse obediently when she wipes her cake covered soles on his face, because he knows what will happen if he doesn’t satisfy his owner, and because he can’t deny his own compulsive high heel fetish, nor his overwhleming desire to be controlled. You might say he gets to have his cake and eat it too!

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New Sex Toy Learns To Lick Leather

high heel8 New Sex Toy Learns To Lick Leather

It’s whips and crops for this sex toy, as his two well-heeled mistresses teach him a thing or two about how to best satisfy their high heel fetish. They’ve got him decked out in a studded collar and matching leash and down on his hands and knees for today’s tutorial, which begins with him tonguing those sexy sandals. To ensure that he does the job right, one of the girls has his hand pinned to the hardwood, and if he doesn’t lick that leather just so, he’s going to feel the pressure! Even if he polishes them to a shine, he’s going to feel those wicked whips of theirs, because these black-clad bitches are hell bent on showing him the ropes!

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Sorry Slave’s High Heel Fetish Repentance

high heel7 Sorry Slaves High Heel Fetish Repentance

He licks their heels in an effort to appease them, but his mistresses are supremely upset with their slave, and no amount of high heel worship is going to gain their forgiveness. Though they let him knock himself out tonguing their pumps, these brutal babes have some harsh punishment in mind for their disobedient boy. Once they tire of his obsequious attentions, they drag him to his knees, laying his cock out on the hard bench with a deliberation designed to increase both their slave’s apprehension and their own anticipation. And when both are at a fever pitch, they pin his dick to the wood with a thin, sharp heel!

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Ball Crushing High Heel Porno Pics

high heel5 Ball Crushing High Heel Porno Pics

It starts out with a full body, bare foot trampling, but the slave training session soon sees this pretty boy experiencing the agony of having his testicles stabbed by a pair of sharp stilettos! His mistresses are feeling hot and cruel today, and they’re determined to take out their frustrations on their slave boy. They rub their feet on his face, stuffing their toes into his mouth and commanding him to suck. But their pent up sexual urges know no bounds, and soon they have him sating their high heel fetish by sucking on their sexy footwear. It’s only a small step to crushing his balls under their spiked feet!

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